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The Pressed Bouquet Frame: How to Choose the Right Size

Are you ready to transform your cherished bridal bouquet into a timeless keepsake? One of the most important decisions you'll make is choosing the right size frame to showcase your preserved blooms. In this blog post, I'll walk you through the process of selecting the perfect frame for your bouquet.


Consider Your Space

Before diving into frame sizes, take a moment to consider where you'll be displaying your preserved bouquet. Is it destined for a prominent spot on your mantle? Or perhaps you envision it adorning a gallery wall in your living room? Understanding the dimensions of your space may help guide your selection.

 Frame Example

 Size and Description

small pressed rose bouquet in natural wood frame

8x10: Petite and Charming

Perfect for small bouquets, an 8x10 frame offers a charming and delicate presentation. Ideal for showcasing a single bloom or a few of your favorite florals. This frame is also available as an add-on to our larger frames.

pressed white rose bouquet in white frame

11x14: Classic and Versatile

An 11x14 frame offers a timeless and versatile option for showcasing medium-sized bouquets. This classic size strikes a balance between elegance and impact. It allows us to highlight many of the best and brightest flowers and green stems. With this size, we will have plenty of leftover florals for smaller additional frames. This frame is also available as an add-on to our larger frames.

pressed bouquet floral frame

16x20: Statement-Making Beauty

For those looking to make a bold statement with their preserved bouquet, a 16x20 is the perfect choice. Offering ample space for your full bouquet, this size commands attention and creates a stunning focal point in any space. With this size, there will likely be leftover florals that we can use for smaller frames or ornaments.

pressed bouquet floral frame

21x25: Grand and Majestic

Elevate your preserved bouquet with a grand 21x25 frame. Designed to showcase larger and cascading bouquets, this size creates a captivating centerpiece.

small golden pressed floral frames

Ornament Frames

Additional add-on frames are golden metal frames with hanging chains are a perfect accent piece. We have 5x7, 4x6, and 2x3 ornaments. These are great to give to cherish for yourself or as gifts to family and friends.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right size frame for your preserved bouquet is an important decision that will ultimately determine how your bouquet is showcased and enjoyed for years to come. Whether you prefer a petite and delicate display or a grand and majestic statement piece, we offer a range of frame sizes to suit every style and space. Everflorals is dedicated to helping you preserve the beauty of your special moments. Browse our collection and find the perfect frame to preserve your cherished memories.

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